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SubOptic 2013

2004 Topics Covered

The programme is structured around six topics that are expected to fulfil all expectations of the technical, business and operation of submarine cables. Oral and poster sessions for these topics cover the following subjects:

  1. Market Place
    • Analysis of supply and demand
    • New projects and initiatives
    • International & regional markets
    • Service evolution (bandwidth and marine services)
    • Market organisation (integration, structuring,commoditisation...)
  2. Business and Commercial
    • Project management (inc. end to end service...)
    • Corporate system management & HR issues(governance, models, incentives)
    • Risk management (insurance, security, threats...)
    • Accounting & finance (valuation, reporting, tax,financing...)
    • Legal and regulatory (Chapter 11, IRU, rights...)
    • Environment and permitting
  3. Network Architecture and Design
    • Network topology (ring/meshed...) evolution
    • System design of the transmission line
    • End to end network design
    • System and network upgrade capability
    • Unrepeatered system design
    • Standards (ITU, OIF...)
  4. Equipment and Component Technologies
    • Wet plant: repeaters, branching units, remote amplifiers...
    • Dry plant: SLTE/PFE
    • Component technology (for dry and wet plant)
    • Qualification and reliability
  5. Cable design and Marine Operations
    • Optical fibre
    • Cable design and qualification
    • Survey, wet plant installation and maintenance
    • Cable protection, awareness/fishing liaison
    • Cable ships, submersibles, installation and repair tools
    • Cable jointing
  6. Network Operations and Service Level
    • Network operation and performance
    • Network management tools
    • Network resilience / service level
    • Network migration
    • Cable station maintenance
    • O&M of complex networks / multi-vendor