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2007 Topics Covered

Choosing the People Who Choose the Programs

Responsibility for the content, quality and structure of the SubOptic 2007 Conference rests with the Program Committee (PC). The PC is an inter-company body of six industry professionals representing six different aspects of fiberoptic communications and infrastructure development. PC members are nominated and approved by the SubOptic Executive Committee based on their individual expertise, knowledge of new industry trends, and collaborative working spirit.

To ensure the right combination of skills on the PC, six individuals were sought with the following experience profiles:

  1. Going Deep: Marine Services & Operations
    • Cable route planning, survey and engineering
    • Cable installation, protection and awareness
    • System maintenance
    • Cable ships, submersibles, installation and repair tools
    • Cable jointing
    • Seabed geology and environment
  2. Weaving the Worldwide Web: System Design & Applications
    • Evolution of network topologies and standards
    • System and network upgrade capability
    • Status of repeatered and unrepeatered technologies
    • System designs for non-telecom applications (e.g., offshore platforms, undersea observation and research, surveillance and security)
    • Inter-working of submarine and terrestrial networks for end-to-end service delivery
  3. Evolution & Revolution: Equipment & Component Technologies
    • Fiberoptic transmission systems
    • Cable station equipment and technologies
    • Submersible equipment and technologies
    • Equipment qualification and reliability
    • Equipment convergence and transmission protocols
  4. Before You Dive In: Project Development & Implementation
    • Project economics and financing
    • Commercial business structures
    • Project permitting and environmental issues
    • Project management
    • Legal and regulatory issues for system purchasers
    • Risk and insurance for system purchasers and suppliers
  5. Carrier Essentials: The Undersea Bandwidth Market
    • Deregulation and telecom market expansion
    • Creation of international services, applications and revenue streams
    • Supply chain management: from local-loop to transcontinental providers
    • Service quality, protection and availability
    • Management of wide-area/global infrastructures and resources
  6. Charting the Course: The System Supply Market
    • Supply and demand analyses for submarine cable markets
    • New projects and initiatives
    • International and regional markets
    • Industry organization

Confirmed Vice-Chairs for the SubOptic 2007 Program Committee are:

  • Alberto Delgado Lopez – Telefonica (Marine Services & Operations)
  • Matthew Ma – VSNL International (System Design & Applications)
  • Vincent Letellier – Alcatel Submarine Networks (Equipment & Component Technologies)
  • Jackie Fitzgerald – Apollo SCS (Project Development & Implementation)
  • Michael Tapley – REACH (Carrier Essentials)
  • Motoyoshi Tokioka – NEC (System Supply Market)

The Chairman of the SubOptic 2007 Program Committee is David Robles of Tyco Telecommunications, who served as Vice-Chairman for the “Marketplace” topic of SubOptic 2004. David has held a variety posts within the submarine cable industry, both in Europe and North America, and has authored numerous articles for industry publication.