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SubOptic 2010

SubOptic 2010 is the seventh in a series of conferences and conventions held by SubOptic, a 'by-the-industry' and 'for-the industry' body. The conference covers all aspects of the submarine cable business & markets - from commercial, sales & support functions (legal, finance, regulatory etc) to hardware design, engineering and R&D, and on to marine activities (pre-build survey etc, project implementation, and maintenance).

SubOptic is a non-profit, non-incorporated international organization, which is steered and sponsored by leading members of the telecommunications industry. Its activities are open to every level of the industry, including those who manufacture cable systems and their components to purchasers of cable networks, purchasers of system capacity, business analysts, regulators, financiers and investors.

Our theme for SubOptic 2010 was "enabling the next generation of networks & services". So there was of course a strong focus and content in the program on the future of the industry, but we also included many papers and posters which looked at the enormous hive of activity in the industry since the last SubOptic conference in Baltimore USA in 2007.

This time we met in Yokohama, one of the major port cities of Japan, with a long history of interaction with foreigners, and a part of the wider Tokyo Megalopolis - the world's largest metropolis with a combined population of some 33 million people.

The program for SubOptic 2010 builds on the previous successful conferences, and included 70 oral presentations, 70 poster presentations, 7 MasterClass Tutorials, 3 world-class Keynote Speakers, 2 Round Tables, and a Workshop.

To complement this program further, we had an invited speaker who is a descendant of Cyrus Field and he talked about the challenges faced by the laying of the first transatlantic cable in 1850~1866. Some of these you will recognise still haunt us even today.

SubOptic 2010 provides great opportunities to network with top players from our industry or other industry from around the world.

On Tuesday evening, 11 May a Welcome reception took place after the official opening of the Exhibition. This was a first opportunity to meet Exhibitors, old friends or colleagues, with cocktails and hors-d'oeuvres served.

One of main events of our conference was the Poster Session & Cocktails where Poster papers were presented interactively. Cocktails were served whilst there was an opportunity to meet the authors and discuss the 70 poster presentations. The traditional Closing Gala Dinner was held at Osanbashi Hall on Friday evening, 14 May.