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SubOptic 2013

Topics Covered

Responsibility for the content, quality and structure of the SubOptic 2010 Conference rests with the Program Committee (PC). The PC is an inter-company body of six industry professionals representing six different aspects of fibre optic communications and infrastructure development. PC members are nominated and approved by the SubOptic Executive Committee based on their individual expertise, knowledge of new industry trends, and collaborative working spirit.

The Topics chosen for SubOptic 2010 were as follows:

  1. Global & Geographical Markets
    • Growth Opportunities
    • New Directions
  2. Special Markets
    • Energy
    • Observatories
  3. Regulatory, Legal, Finance & Environmental
    • Finance & Legal
    • Environmental & Regulatory
  4. Project Development & Implementation
  5. Marine Service & Marine Operations
    • Tools of the Trade
    • Special Topics
  6. System Design & Applications
    • Terabit Transmission Systems
    • Network Topologies
  7. Equipment & Component Technologies
    • Network Elements
    • Optical Communications (40G, 100G, fiber,...)
  8. Operations & Maintenance

Program Committee

The Vice Chairs of the Program Committee and their topic responsibilities were:

Elaine Stafford
(The David Ross Group)
Global Markets & Geographical Markets
Guy Arnos
(WFN Strategies)
Special Markets
Daniel Hughes
(Apollo Submarine Cable System)
Regulatory, Finance, Environmental, & Legal
Leigh Frame
(Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks)
Project Development & Implementation
Graham Evans
(EGS Survey Group)
Marine Services & Marine Operations
Marsha Spalding
System Design & Applications
Masuo Suyama
(Fujitsu Limited)
Equipment & Component Technologies
John Horne
(Secretary to the SubOptic EC)
Colin Anderson
(Senior Consultant to NEC Submarine Networks Division)

The Program Committee for SubOptic 2010 was chaired by Colin Anderson, and the secretary of the SubOptic Executive Committee, John Horne, also sat on the Program Committee bringing his experience from the past conferences.

The members of the Program Committee together had around 200 man-years & woman-years of experience in the submarine networks industry, and every one of the team was a long-time industry participant dedicated to making SubOptic 2010 as successful as we possibly can.

Program Strategic Advisors

The Program Committee for SubOptic 2010 also had a “Strategic Advisory Group” - the members of which were chosen for their special experience, interest and skills in conference organisation or participation - on which the Program Chair and committee could call for guidance and ideas. The members of the Advisory Group were:

Owen Best
(Reliance Globalcom)
John Hibbard
(Hibbard Consulting & Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC))
Jayne Stowell
(Google Inc)
Robin Russell
(Australia Japan Cable)
David Robles
(SubCom) (formerly Tyco Telecom) (PC Chair for SubOptic 2007)
José Chesnoy
(Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks, PC Chair for SubOptic 2004)