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SubOptic 2013

Information Resources

Apart from the information provided via our Archives page, which gives access to the information presented at our last three conferences, SubOptic would also  like to make available other sources of information that could be of interest to our Community.

This page has therefore been added to our website to allow these linkages to be provided.

This page initially provided access to information about cable maps, listings of systems, books which are published about undersea communications systems, videos and animations, together with information about non profit making organisations which have an interest in our industry.

An Annual Report section was introduce in 2012 to provide access to a report provided by Subtelforum and sponsored by SubOptic, as a means of providing information, between our conference events.

In 2013 an additional section was provided to cover Information Papers that contain useful information that could be of interest to a wide range of organisations, both from within the industry and the wider community.

We have also, just before SubOptic 2013, introduced a section called THE GUIDE. This will provide access to a series of Workshop presentations, organised by Elaine Stafford from DRG, to be presented at SubOptic 2013, covering the major aspects necessary to implement a submarine cable project. Each workshop has been developed by an industry expert giving their time freely.  
 If there is any other publically available information that could be usefully referenced, please contact john-horne@btconnect.com and if applicable arrangements will be made to link to it, via this page.