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SubOptic 2013


This page lists three books, still in publication, which provide information about Undersea Communications Cable Systems and there history.

The first in English is Edited by Jose Chesnoy from Alcatel-Lucent who was Programme Committee Chairman for SubOptic 2004. The book, which is available in both computer readable and hardback versions is entitled:

Undersea Fiber Communications Systems
Published by Academic Press
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 2002100203
ISBN 0-12-171408-X

The second in Japanese is entitled:

English Translation - Fibre Optic Submarine Cable
Authors: English Translation - The writers committee of Fibre Optic Cable
ISBN-10: 4434144944
ISBN-13: 978-4434144943

The third gives a broad sweep of the history of Communications under the Sea, together with it's political, economic and strategic implications. It starts from the very first undersea telegraph cables and continues to the start of the fibre optic age and is entitled.
Communications under the Seas
Edited by: Bernard Finn and Daqing Yang
Published by the MIT Press
ISBN 978-0-262-01286-7

If any additional books are currently available, please advise John Horne at john-horne@btconnect.com and if applicable he will arrange to list the information here.