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SubOptic 2013

Video Links and Animations

A number of companies in our industry and some TV companies have produced videos or animations that demonstrate the various activities that are undertaken to provide and repair an undersea submarine cable system.

This page will provide access to the links on which these may be viewed.

The initial videos and animations have been provided courtesy of Alcatel-Lucent and TE SubCom.

The link to those provided by Alcatel-Lucent is:

The link to the TE SubCom materiel is below and the Discovery Channel video may also be viewed by accessing this link:

http://www.subcom.com/company/key-facts-discovery.aspx .

Though the animations may be found using the above link, they can be obtained directly by using the following: 




If you have any material that could add value, please email john-horne@btconnect.com with the appropriate link